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  • Answer to: I replaced the screen / now home button doesn't work

    Thanks for your responses to this, very helpful indeed. In fact it was to do with the two small metal prong connectors that are were bent up, so some careful re-bending (making sure you support the small circuit board they sit on so that they dont snap off!) Worked a treat. Thanks


  • iPhone 4 Display Assembly Replacement

    This part was very tricky because you need to make sure you have enough slack from the LCD and Digitizer cables. Take your time to make sure that the cables are fully through, even the slightest pinch will be enough for this to not reach and you have to redo it again (a massive pain if you've already started the reassembly. - A good way to test this is to before you reassemble try placing the logic board on top where the LCD and Digitizer cables will fit into, if they reach fine then you are good, if not then adjust the cables again until you know they are through completely, this saves you having to disassemble again if its not correct. - Good Luck and Take your time!

  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    This was a very tricky part. Just make sure that you don't put pressure on the login board to get it into place, take your time and ease it in. There will be a bit of spring in it when you push down which is a combination of the folded LCD and Digitizer Ribbon Cables and the two copper contacts underneath.