• MacBook Pro 15" Retina Display Mid 2012 Teardown

    My concern is the length of time that AppleCare can be obtained. It is obvious that a machine this expensive needs extended warranty support. But the day will come that like my Mac Pro 8-Core 3.0 GHz Xeon, extensions to the AppleCare warrantee are not available at any price. I haven't inquired, but it may be that 3 years is the limit, after which the cost of repairs is astronomical, no matter what has gone wrong. My previous MacBook Pro, 17" HD, had a coffee spilled into it. Apple said the repairs weren't covered and wanted to replace, 1 The upper panel, 2. The optical drive, 3. the hard drive, 4, the logic board, 5. the video card, 6. the wifi card, 7. the keyboard... They wanted more to fix the machine than the ring market price for that model. That was one expensive cup of coffee, and it was hard not to be mad at the person who dumped it. Also since all the parts are soldered on, if any covered repair is required, it will probably entail a logic board change, and I would end up sending in the machine. Something I don't like doing will all my precious data on board. I like my Apple equipment, but all this is hard to take.