• Samsung Galaxy S III Front Panel Assembly Replacement

    Replacing only the glass was a terrible idea...

    I bought a new screen including the frame and front button.

    On this fix i had to transfer the wifi-antenna module, led, the vibrating module, the cable connecting the front speaker and volume control and then the two side buttons. This was kinda hard, so i think this should be included in the guide.

    Step 26: Remove the lock and volume control buttons by pushing them out from the inside.

    Step 27: Carefully lift the front speaker with the cable glued to the frame. With the volume control button removed it's easier to access the volume control module at the end of this cable.

    Step 28: Remove the vibrating module. Be carefull not to break the piece glued to the frame.

    Step 29: Remove the flat wifi-antenna module. This is also glued to the frame wich makes it really tricky to lift.