• Answer to: teddy ruxbin no longer works

    You can also go to, and she can repair the doll, or if you have any questions, she can help.
  • Answer to: How can I make Teddy's mouth move?

    Other than trying to manually start the servos, the only other way to get them to work again is to take Grubby apart and clean the gears in the servos(motors) and restart the motors with a power source. Dolls that have been in storage for years need to be taken apart and cleaned for them to work properly. The grease used in the 1st generation dolls has the tendency over time to harden around the pin that moves the motor and/or "gum up" the gears, causing the eyes, upper jaw, or lower jaw to work improperly or not at all, and unfortunately, the only way to fix this is to take the doll apart. Good luck!
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    Hello, I repair Teddy Ruxpin dolls, and I have extra face parts if you were looking to repair Teddy yourself. Please go to, my vintage toy store, and you can contact me for additional information. Thank you and have a great day! Jill Update: Unfortunately, the only way to find replacement parts is to acquire a non-working Teddy doll, either online or locally. WoW went out of business in the early 90's, so there is no place that sells Teddy Ruxpin replacement parts.