• Kindle Fire Teardown

    Mine is open - and I do not see any such thing.

  • Kindle Fire Teardown

    Yes, it does - and there's been a lot of folks seeking this Holy Grail. No joy yet, though.

  • My micro USB connector got yanked sideways - resulting in needing perfect positioning to get it charged and connected to a PC via USB. I followed the procedure here, and found solder joints broken - a bit of really fine scale re-soldering, and good as new. Here's some additional info: 1) Pry the bottom OUTWARDS away from the body to disengage the plastic snap-in joints. 2) There are THREE ribbon cable connectors that have a latch that flips up to disengage. 3) Lift the edge of the "mother board" that is closest to the battery (after screw removal) to disengage 'mother board'

  • You'd be safe - it is just a sprung plastic pusher that contacts a micro switch located 0.7 cm further inside (on the 'mother board').