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  • Answer to: My screen is cracked

    The simplest way to repair the glass is to buy the digitizer+frame assembly. Search "Nokia Lumia 520 digitizer with frame" on the eBay. You can get it from ~20$. You can then follow this guide.
  • Answer to: Replaced Screen Now get Searching...

    If you use iOS 6 try to set the correct time in settings and reboot before inserting SIM card. Let me know if this works please
  • Answer to: Please help fast: Keeps saying searching

    I think the searching thing is a bug in iOS 6 ! Try to set the correct date/hour before insterting the SIM card !
  • Answer to: Gold 2 prong connector. Where does it go?

    Can you take a picture of it? Sometimes a small gold piece falls apart from the EMI shield : Not replacing it right will cause bad wifi reception
  • Answer to: Changed my glass and and bad signal

    Maybe your cellular antenna is not perfectly connected. You can try to disconnect and reconnect it : it's the small connector on a black cable near the battery connector. Step 12 of the display assembly guide : iPhone 4S Display Assembly Replacement Also degrease the pressure contact with windex to avoid interferences
  • Answer to: Difference Between The 8GB iPhone 4 and the 16GB?

    The screen are the same, wathever the memory size. Screen are different only between models, from top to bottom iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 CDMA and iPhone 4 GSM :
  • Answer to: The left side of my iPod is white after I dropped it

    I think you broke the very fagrile glass that holds the LCD. When it breaks the electrical traces break and the screen generally looses entire columns of pixels. You will have to replace the front panel : - Part: iPod Touch (4th Gen) Display Assembly - Guide : iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement
  • Answer to: Ways to put iPhone back together FASTER?

    Usually I don't remove the last six screws that hold the screen. I just loosen up them a bit. You might have to shake a bit when replacing the new screen but this saves the frustration of putting back those screws with these tiny rings.


  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    Be carefull of a very small component soldered near the yellow connector. It can pop off and make your front camera irresponsive.

  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    This screw is supposed to tie into a very small nut that sits under a small u-shaped tab in the EMI shield that is fixed to the PCB. Maybe that nut has moved or got lost. I recommend you to lift that small tab to find it because if loose it could create a short-circuit.

    But that screw/nut is absolutely not essential to the LCD. It should work without it.

  • iPhone 4 Logic Board Replacement

    It's probably the nut for the yellow screw of step 13. It sometimes comes off the motherboard, with no adverse effects. Just put it back, under the small u-shaped metal shielding

  • Nexus 5 Battery Replacement

    This part is very delicate. The adhesive is pretty solid and I did puncture the battery. It is dangerous and the battery should be replaced with a new one.

  • Nexus 5 Teardown

    On the Nexus 5 I just tried to fix, the adhesive is pretty solid ! I did puncture the battery. It is now dangerous and the battery should be replaced with a new one.