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  • Answer to: How to remove a stripped screw without causing other damage?

    no experience with it but ever heard of friction gel? like screwgrab..
  • Answer to: Verizon 5C Works But No Sound Or Mic On Calls

    It has 3 mic's. The main at bottom, one next to earspeaker for siri and other apps. and the one on the back next to the camera for filming. some even work together to improve calls but i think your problem is not the mic's. maybe your phone thinks it's in a docking station or maybe even thinks there are headphones plugged in. did you try those? because there is little chance for you to damadge the dock connector while doing a screen repair, maybe you knocked some small components of the logicboard near the touch and lcd connectors. check with microscope, and keep us posted
  • Answer to: Weak signal after changing dock

    It is not very clear in the guide but it goes underneath the logicboard. it goes under the red screw on the left. Very weak signal? did you damage the gsm antenna on the speaker? it is located on the right side it's a black sticker.. are you sure it's connected to the logicboard?
  • Answer to: Home Button contact clip issue

    normally when you don't touch them while opening the phone it should work fine. if you did, try to put them back in original position. don't try to overbend. check again with the paperclip if it works 100%. when placing the the ribbon cable on the screen make sure it is seated properly. you can push on the components to put the flex between the 2 screw holders. the components have epoxy on them. make sure you clean the contacts and fully close the iphone. if you have a good working homebutton it should work like a brand new. have a nice repair. iPhone 5 Home Button Ribbon Cable Replacement
  • Answer to: Salt water on dock connector

    swap it quick, the sooner the better... make sure it's dry when you plug it in.
  • Answer to: What is this? (Behind back glass)

    thats a piece of your wifi antenna, it is connected to the back off the motherboard.
  • Answer to: Scratch iPhone 5s Lens. How to replace?

    take the motherboard out and push the lens inwards. its glued inside..
  • Answer to: intermittent touch screen response

    update your software, itunes will make a backup before updating the iOS. no worries :-)
  • Answer to: dropped - wake/sleep button and proximity sensor does not work

    hi keith it takes only 6 screws to check if the ribbon cable is disconnected. although i've never seen the ribbon cable pop loos by just dropping the phone, but its worth a look. if its still connected, you will have to replace it. just make sure you take off the screen otherwise you will have to bend the lcd ribbon cable to much and it will break. keep us posted