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  • How to dislodge hinge?

    I have to replace the top lcd of a 3DS XL (also known as 3DS LL) and have problems dislodging the hinge. I've done may 3DS's ...


  • Answer to: Stuck micro sim card for blu 7.0

    Best not to pull it out, you can damage the pins. Disassemble so you get access to it from all sides and push it out.
  • Answer to: My asus laptop can't connect to our wifi

    There are a few steps you can take: 1) TCP/IP reset, see here: 2) In case nr. 1 doesn't solve your problem: reinstall Windows 3) if a clean install doesn't solve the problem, you have malfunctioning hardware. In that case: replace wifi card (should be cheap and easy).
  • Answer to: Unable to connect to internet

    Based on your information, it's impossible to help you, not enough information. Take it to someone who knows more about computers or to a repair shop.
  • Answer to: earpiece broke off in ipad

    You have to replace the audio pcb, it has the audio jack attached. Possibly you can get the piece out if you open up your device.
  • Answer to: after replacing the screen, hotspot and bluetooth are week signal

    most likely you didn't connect the coaxial antenna cable properly. Disassemble your device and check connections.
  • Answer to: LCD black after digitizer replacement?

    Have you unplugged the lcd while it was displaying? In that case you might have damaged your motherboard. The iPad Mini is in many ways a very delicate device. Working on mini's, always power down, unplug battery and only then unplug lcd and digi. It is common with iPads that you have to soft reset to get the back light working after repair. If that doesn't solve your problem, try changing the lcd. If that doesn't fix it, you damaged your mobo, probably because of disconnecting the lcd with image still displaying, or ipad still powered on. It's possible to fix this, but you'll need to find a place that has an IR-solder station to replace IC's on the motherboard.
  • Answer to: Phone will not power on.

    Check if you can get into bootloader and report back.
  • Answer to: Mute/vibrate switch included in replacement cable?

    What they mean is that the actual metal buttons are not included, but the switches are all present on the cable, don't worry. Bit of an annoying repair though. Good luck!
  • Answer to: Not working at all!

    I would leave it a bit longer than a few hours.
  • Answer to: Water Damage. What Do I Do?

    Ok, at this point you have to get it to a repair center as quick as possible. Be sure to tell them you want to have the option to bring it to Apple for swap, so they should be careful not to leave signs of repairing (any decent repair shop should do this anyway). The 5S has soldered EMI shields on the motherboard, so it is hard to estimate the damage under it. It is possible to desolder them, but this will take away your swap option with Apple. In this case I would remove the mobo, clean it of all traces of corrosion and of course any present moisture, spray IPA under the shields or possibly use ultrasonic cleaner on it. After that dry it with hot air and enough time and test. If there are still problems after this, reassemble, check that there are no traces of opening, fingerprints, etc, and bring to Apple for swap. If you can't bring it to a repair shop immediately, there's not much you can do. Leave it in rice, it'll help a bit, but not much. If you can, remove battery, but you'll need pentalobe screwdrive...


  • iPhone 5 Earpiece Speaker Replacement

    ehm, you can leave that out just fine

  • Padfone2 Station disassembly

    Since you only need to heat op the adhesive you can use a hair dryer rather to heat up in specific places, than heat the whole display assembly in an oven with the risk of damaging plastic parts. Procedure is basically identical to the TF300 of which you can find many disassembly guides online. Heat up outer edges in circular motion to soften adhesive. I use a thin metal blade-like object, normally used either to remove wallpaper or flatten walls after filling holes with filler (don't know the exact name in english).

  • Padfone2 Station disassembly

    Basically works similar like the iSesamo opening tool. Work your way around the complete edge until the plastic frame is seperated. Reheat when necessary, typically reheat for every side once, and if there are lots of cracks go slower and reheat more. Once the frame is separated you now have the touch screen with the lcd still attached to it. Reheat the area on the touch screen (!! - do not heat up the lcd directly, it does not take high temps well!) which corresponds with the edges of the lcd, work side by side. Use your knife-like tool to very slowly cut trough the adhesive, and make sure you keep the edge of your knife/tool in line with the edge of the black bezel of the touch screen (to not damage/scratch/soil the lcd). Work all the way down untill you finish one side. Finish all sides the same way, preferably leaving corners with lots of damage to the touch screen for last, as they tend to be a bit more difficult.

  • Padfone2 Station disassembly

    If you've done well, you'll still have the black adhesive on the frame and the edge of the, you can simply reuse them. Do make sure there are no glass shards stuck to the adhesive on the frame before you stick in the new one.

  • Nintendo Wii U Teardown

    digi and lcd are not fused.

  • HTC One Teardown

    I don't understand what the fuss is al about with repairing this phone; Just replaced the display module of one and wasn't that difficult at all. I dreaded doing this repair because of ifixit's low repairability score and ordered a new back cover as well, just in case.

    All I can say is that the people at ifixit kinda used the wrong approach and most likely did not have the proper tools. I'll explain shortly how to repair this phone:

    0. You need a putty knife, as thin as you possibly can get, needs to be nice and bendy. Look at ifixit guides for ipod classic to know what kind of tool I mean. Also, buy the display with frame, not just the lcd+digitizer. Also I suggest to use a wide opening tool, about 4cm wide, they are also much stronger the small ones.

    1. Use putty knife between edges of back cover and display. Try to wiggle the putty knife in between the display frame and the back cover. Start at the sides. Watch your new display module to see where there are cables present, so you don't damage these.

  • HTC One Teardown

    2. With some wiggling it should be easy to get about half a mm of space between front and back. Once you can fit in your plastic tool, run it along the edges, apply some pressure when necessary and slowly seperate the front with motherboard and everything attached from the back cover. This whole process took me a good 5 minutes and there was no damage to the back cover whatsoever.

    3. Follow any tutorial you can find online to disassemble further. Basicly it comes down to disconnecting the cables, removing vibra motor and antennas, removing mobo, removing usb board at the bottom and sister board at the top (watch out with the volume buttons), powerbutton also at the top, and mounting al these in the new display assembly.

    4. When front is completely assembled, just click it back in the back cover. Start by sliding in the top, much like an iPhone 5, and apply pressure to fit the rest in. Check the edges. Put sim tray back in. Test. Done.

    EDIT: forgot to mention in the beginning: REMOVE SIM TRAY before you start prying!