• Answer to: iPhone 5 cracked glass, but the screen still works

    It's all one piece just like iPhone 4(S). If you tear glass and digitizer off the LCD you will ruin it all together. It will bleed to death. Update: I was told you could on the 4(s) but you cannot. Even if you could remove the glass. who has that much time. If you work on these like I do. You can't tell a customer. Well it will be 3 days to fix because I have to take 2 days to remove the glass from digitizer and LCD screen. If you want to be successful you can't tell them that. You charge your rate over the parts!
  • Answer to: I need help with a screw.

    I've felt with this many times. U just have to get a tiny magnetized screw driver at a weird angle even pressing down a little on the jack. It's small and not in there real right. Sharp screw driver tilted and a little patience will get it!
  • Answer to: Submerge Logic Board in Isopropyl Alcohol?

    What If that doesn't work. I repaired the dock connector on mine. But still won't accept it on computer, Mac, car or wall charger. :( help please?
  • Answer to: replacement screen doesnt work just black

    Check the connections. If you still can't get it.
  • Answer to: Not charging after water damage

    I had same issue. But I replaced the battery and dock connector on mine. Home Button works, speaker works. Phone still not recognized by computer or charger. Wall or car or computer. Any suggestions.
  • Answer to: no pic but have sound on my ipad2

    I had the same issue after replacing screen but. I did a hard reboot and.... Fixed
  • Answer to: Why won't my power button click?

    Don't screw them down so tight. Worked for me.