• iPhone 4 Power & Sensor Cable Replacement

    Now this is more helpful, than the power button repair guide that they gave us. This one still kind of leaves me hanging on how I'm supposed to put the silver button back into the hole so that it makes contact with the orange dome(aka the powerbutton).

  • iPhone 4 Power & Lock Button Replacement

    I'm having trouble as well, on knowing how to position the bar of the silver lock button; or if I just leave it down. When I put it in and I press on it, after installing all the screws for the plate, it just is stuck. Doesn't go in it's just there and moves a little bit; I wanted to know if that's because I didn't position the bar right, or if the silver lock button just isn't making enough contact with the orange dome ( which i guess technically is the real lock button)? I've checked the two screws that I screwed in to the plate, to see if that might have been the problem, they were tight and the orange dome seemed to be close enough to make contact with the silver button; still the button would be stuck in the same immovable position making no contact with the orange dome. I assumed that there must have been a certain position that the bar must be in, so I came here, read the instruction. Very, detailed in how to take the Iphone apart, and helpful, but kind of left me in the dark, to fend for my self. HELP.