• Answer to: Creaking Sound-Is this normal?

    Since you've had it for only a few weeks, you can (and should) take it back to Apple and see what they say. Just for clarification, does it creak when you open the screen? Oh, and no. That's not normal at all. :/
  • Answer to: Screen with some coloured line. What do I need to do?

    I had the same issue with mine back in March. They did have to replace the screen. The flickery line was created due to stress (compression, bumping, etc…). Unfortunately, if you are out of warranty you'll have to pay for it, but even if you are in, and they find it's due to stress on the screen, there is a possibility you will still have to cover the replacement fee. My screen's stress was not because of me, however, it was because of Mac Authority. MA also broke a ram slot, put a used battery in the machine, and damaged the optical drive. Tip: Don't use Mac Authority :P I don't think you did, but just for future reference, don't.