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Education: UMass Dartmouth student as a civil engineering major.

Aspirations: I want to become a supervisor in the construction business as a civil engineer.

Skills: I have good management skills and skills in AutoCAD.

Projects: I am proud of some things I’ve built in my labs in college and my computer that I built last year.

Repair experience: I’ve taken apart an iPhone to figure out certain parts to repair in high school.

Groups: I am part of an intramural soccer team on campus.

Hobbies: I enjoy hanging out with close friends/family and I love to play video games and watch sports or good TV shows.

How does it relate to me: This project will be good for me to get more experience in fixing everyday items and not having to waste money for someone else to repair it.

I have a new cat my family just got a few months ago. I love to play video games and playing fantasy football.