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  • Answer to: How do I turn my PowerBook G4 12" into a "Netbook"?

    I keep my 12-inch PB going even though I have an recent MBP with all the bells and whistles. Further to some of the above suggestions, do note that you cannot swap in a 1.5 logic board into your model without changing everything else (case etc). Leopard is do-able and preferred for the versions of the other software you need to run for syncing etc. Just be sure to manage the start-up programs among other settings. ICloud works with the Safari browser (for now anyway) but it won't push to your calendar nor can you update with calendar directly but I manage okay through Safari. Firefox is a no-no but there is a useful off-shoot of Firefox called TenFourFox specifically for the PPC stalwarts. Some streaming has become problematic but if you just download to disk you can play with the appropriate software. VLC greatly widens your media playability - perhaps you need an older version so will have the version you need. Get the old version of Skype from oldapps too! And Flip4Mac. By all means, maximi...