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Hello! My name is Brenda Lopez and I am a Civil Engineering student at California State University Los Angeles.

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I got into civil engineering ever since I was younger growing up as I watched and helped my dad build things around our house. I also enjoyed knowing what he was building at his job site since he works for a pretty big construction company. He talked about all these engineers that he knew and that’s when I did my research in the field. I knew I was very interested in this major so I set my goals and began my college journey.

I don’t have much experience in repair but I am ready to join the ifixit world and help others who need the help that anyone of us might need. I’m excited to learn more through this project and I’m sure it’ll be fun!

I plan to continue in my major as a civil engineer and learn more so that I can be successful and reach my goals. I’m looking forward to work on and strengthen my technical writing skills through the ifixit project. I know this will give me a great learning experience that will help me towards my future.


  • fluent in spanish
  • time management
  • advanced mathematics (trig. , calculus)
  • well working under pressure
  • communication


  • family time
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  • spend time outside with my horses
  • horseback riding