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Hey! My name is Mohamed Saleh. I’m a sophomore at York University studying Information Technology, as of 2021.

I’ve always been interested in programming and technology in general. I always knew my way around a computer. I was always the kid helping teachers with technical problems. My interest in programming grew massively as I got older, but so did singing!

I started singing when I was about 14 years old. I never knew it was something I would be interested in, but here I am singing every day for an audience on TikTok and Instagram. I started taking music a little seriously at around 16 years old. I won awards, sang on the radio, got thousands of views online, and much more.

Aspirations & Goals

I’m aware that a music career is not as stable as a career in programming, which is why I’m taking university seriously and continuing to expand my knowledge in programming. I hope that someday I can combine both interests and making a living out of it.

I have 3 ultimate goals that drive the important decisions I take in life: A happy family, good health, and financial freedom.

On a smaller scale, some of my other goals are: Releasing original music and performing them to a live audience, creating a website that is used by millions of people, and giving a portion of my income monthly to those in need.

Hobbies & Skills

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I like to play the guitar, piano, and ukelele to accommodate my singing.

I learned all three instruments on Youtube by watching beginner tutorials and slowing the videos down.

I’m heavily into sports. I did soccer, volleyball, and track & field in high school.

I also play basketball and tennis in my free time.

Achievements & Memberships

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Academic Scholarship at Rochester Institute of Technology.
Member of the student council in high school.
Placed #1 in a soccer division.
Bronze Medal in a volleyball championship.
2018/19 Talent Show Winner.
Performed on Virgin Radio.

Repair Experience

I consider myself quite the craftsman! I love to build and repair physical materials. I also like to edit essays and give feedback on things that need to be revised. I’m hoping that this project will help me learn more about repairing and how to do it efficiently and correctly since I know it can be very beneficial in the future when I create my own website.

Some Fan Art

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