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As a professional student, I depend on my Mac to provide reliable service day after day, year after year. As an IT professional, I don't want to come home only to have to fix my own computer after fixing PCs all day.

The first Mac that I purchased was a Late 2006 17" MacBook Pro. It worked phenomenally well for 6 years. Although the system cost $3200 new, an abundance of care and a $100 SSD allowed me to resell the system for $1100. With a total cost of $2200, or only $370 a year for each of those 6 years of service, it proved to be an amazing investment. Orders of magnitude better, in my opinion, than spending less more frequently.

I currently use a Mid 2012 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, my primary system, as well as a Late 2012 Mac mini that serves as my Windows test bench. I hope to extend the service life of these systems just as far, making them an equally amazing investment.

As an IT professional and general techno-hobiest, I'm frequently implored by friends and love ones who have encountered unfortunate accidents, mechanical failure, software malfunction, or (predominantly) user error with their Mac's, PC's, and other electronic devices. In addition to being the wonderful friend that I am by providing them with access to free consulting and repair, I'm more than happy to encourage them to learn more about the way their devices work and how to repair them on their own. In that regard, ifixit serves as a convenient place to find parts and disassembly instructions. It's that convenience and direction that bring me here and make it indispensable.

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