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Hi there, my name is Katya! I am a sophomore at York University


At York University I am a major in Information Technology. I love programming and anything that has to do with a system really! I wish to finish my studies and maybe learn some graphics design because I would love to become a Web designer.

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As mentioned before, I eventually want to follow some tech-art related path because that’s what I do the best. I do some work at my uncle’s business company where I Code websites for costumers, although I am not an expert yet, I know that I will get better and I cannot wait for it.


My favorite project are my programming interactive games. I grew up playing computers games so it is always a pleasure for me to create interactive programs. It is also fun sharing them with friends and family and see how people react! I also have experience in wood working. I know how to use electric machines, how to built tables, chairs and others things. Technical design is one of my passions.

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Repair experience

I do not have much experience in repairing, maybe small things around the house but nothing too extravagant. I use many guides online this is why I cannot wait to make a guide myself!


During my free time I like to paint and draw. I took art classes every year through my academic education. I also enjoy sewing and other creative stuff.