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  • hanging on apple logo

    hey guys got a 2nd gen ipod touch and when i turn it on, it just hangs on the apple logo for about 20 secs, then it just powe...
  • no camera after colour change

    Hey Did a colour change on my Iphone4, and ever since I did it, the camera didn't work. When I opened the camera the first ti...
  • no service after screen replacement

    Hey guys Did a change from a black screen to a white one, now im getting no service. There was a tiny brass connector with a ...


  • Answer to: Why is my iPhone directly overheated

    Hi there there's only a few things that will cause your phone to overheat 1) hardware problem 2) iOs problem 3) lots of apps running and high memory usage since 3 obviously isn't your problem, i would suggest a factory wipe, and fresh install of iOs. if that doesn't solve it, the only other thing is the battery itself. hope this helps :) Update: not quite sure I understand. are you saying when the message is on the screen and you plug it into computer, the message disappears? out of curiosity, where are you getting the battery?
  • Answer to: hanging on apple logo

    finally fixed now. turns out the home button was knackered. replaced the digitiser and home button and all works fine now :)
  • Answer to: After replacing screen camera app now stuck on shutter?

    same thing happened to me when I did a screen change. didn't know if it was a hardware or a software issue, so I installed a camera app, and now the rear camera works fine. so not a hardware issue. unfortunately, the app doesn't allow me to switch to front camera, but im guessing it would work. only problem is, I now lnow its a software issue, but can't seem to find a way to fix it :( its running the latest firmware, and i've also done a reset. all to no avail.
  • Answer to: No Signal after disassembly

    hi when I changed the screen on mine, the same thing happened. ended up having to replace the antenna. now I get a better signal than I did before!