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    Not too sure, but I'm thinking this refers to reducing the max performance the CPU will operate at? I've read this in other places, as well. All I can think is that, at the 100% setting, the motherboard in question is overheating- or that the CPU is unable to sustain a 100% output (defective/overheating perhaps due to improper heatsink placement?). So, by going into the performance/power settings, you're able to reduce the high-end of the CPU from 100% to whatever you'd like (say, 75%). It may slow the PC a bit, but it's better slower than "dead"? Read here. FYI
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    Hi Duke, You ought to get into the factory check screen & do a diagnostic on the hard drive. To do that is similar to the reset screen- except you hold the centre button/back. In the menu that shows up, use the forward button to select IO/HDD and see if the drive passes. You can run all tests, as well. Good luck!
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    Hi Felipe, As an owner of this laptop, and as someone who does computer work for spare $$- it sounds as though the actual internal connection may have broken (where the power pin is inserted)...It's possible that the solder has broken/cracked & this may be causing a short. I'm only guessing (obviously)- but based on what you've said here, there's not much else...You did say you "replaced the cable"- but did you actually replace the entire power unit, or just the one cord? Places like the large electronics shops (Best Buy, etc) have generic chargers that run around $80US. Ask to verify it will power your unit- if it doesn't work- don't buy it. Lastly, I bought a generic, new, replacement battery on ebay for $38. Cheers! Tracy