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  • There is no Ground cable.

    Hey! I wish your happy new year! I get a new logic board for my iPod, but there is no ground cable to connect main frame. A g...
  • Where is the speaker located?

    Hey. I am in Japan and this site has a lot of solutions and my iPod now works well, thank you and thank for iFixit! My questi...
  • The Brown connector broken.

    The brown connector break one of the arms. I still have it, what should i to do fix battery cable? Update: Dear Mr.Oldturkey0...


  • Answer to: SSD in a PowerMac G5?

    Hey, I have also two HDD inside(160GB+30<wbr />0GB). But SSD is more comfortable so I choose an Intel 320 SSD(160GB). First, I remove 300GB HDD from under bay, and set new SSD. Then I use &quot;Carbon Copy Cloner&quot; to clone 160GB HDD. And remove 160GB HDD, then 300GB HDD install on upper bay. Now I use 160GB SSD for Mac OS, and 300GB HDD for my documents. Buy a Hard disc case and 160GB HDD now use atached HDD. It is a very simple and cheap way to use SSD. As you know, G5 has a SATA-1 interface. Intel 320 SSD has a SATA-2 interface but it works completely. Good luck and God bless you.
  • Answer to: harddrive to cf card change

    Hellow. mend. I introduced a guide for cf card change, but a cd card and hdd are same ATA interface, so there are no problems. In Japan, a cf card is not sp expensive. 32GB(200X speed) : $30-40(1$=80JPY) I did not try your case, so I can not say it would work or not work. I strongly recommend use cf card.
  • Answer to: My iPod (video) won't charge or connect/sync, but turns on. Battery?

    Dear Luke, I think there is a possibility at the connecter and Logic board. You changed a battery, it means you pull off the cable from battery connecter. A battery connnecter is only soldering on logic board, and sometimes thae soldering make cracks and it makes many many unfortunately isuues for iPod. If you touch a connnecter, and if it move a slightly, a soldering is broken. Please check a batttery connecter. Good luck and God bless you, and never give up!
  • Answer to: The Brown connector broken.

    The conclusion of a solution for battery cable problems 1)Only the brown connecter was broken You should order a new part this site, and reinstall it. Then it could be OK, and your iPod would be resumed. 2)Serious situation When a white part have been removed from the logicboard. (Very serious problem, no adhesive can help this problem.) A situation is told to below by e-mail or Fax, and you send parts, and have you solder to a logicboard again. E-mail:webmaster@<wbr /> Mr.Masaharu Nose(CEO) Address &quot;Nose-seiki co.Ltd.&quot; 271, Ohhagi-Town Higashiohmi-City Shiga-Pref. Japan Postal code 527-0174 Tel:81-749-29-0989 Fax:81-749-46-1133 Also I introduce this company homepage and weblog. &quot;Re-soldering of the connector which has taken the ipod board&quot; Sorry, although it is a Japanese site, but I think that it turns out that I introduce if you have a photograph and movie seen...
  • Answer to: iPod turns on, goes to Apple logo, then cuts off

    Dear Mr. Phillip Stripling; I had a same issue that you wrote. If you use a Mac, try to Disk mode and connnect to your Mac. And start &quot;Disc Utility&quot; in application folder. Then You can choice your iPod at application, choice &quot;ERASE&quot; at application. Also I recomend to remove check box at &quot;Mac OS9 start up&quot;. It has checked at start. It could be reformat your iPod's HDD, so all music and movie and photo data would be erase. I have tryed 3times, and my iPod was resumed and now works well. Hope this advice will help you. Good luck.