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  • There is no Ground cable.

    Hey! I wish your happy new year! I get a new logic board for my iPod, but there is no ground cable to connect main frame. A g...
  • Where is the speaker located?

    Hey. I am in Japan and this site has a lot of solutions and my iPod now works well, thank you and thank for iFixit! My questi...
  • The Brown connector broken.

    The brown connector break one of the arms. I still have it, what should i to do fix battery cable? Update: Dear Mr.Oldturkey0...


  • Answer to: SSD in a PowerMac G5?

    Hey, I have also two HDD inside(160GB+300GB). But SSD is more comfortable so I choose an Intel 320 SSD(160GB). First, I remove 300GB HDD from under bay, and set new SSD. Then I use "Carbon Copy Cloner" to clone 160GB HDD. And remove 160GB HDD, then 300GB HDD install on upper bay. Now I use 160GB SSD for Mac OS, and 300GB HDD for my documents. Buy a Hard disc case and 160GB HDD now use atached HDD. It is a very simple and cheap way to use SSD. As you know, G5 has a SATA-1 interface. Intel 320 SSD has a SATA-2 interface but it works completely. Good luck and God bless you.
  • Answer to: harddrive to cf card change

    Hellow. mend. I introduced a guide for cf card change, but a cd card and hdd are same ATA interface, so there are no problems. In Japan, a cf card is not sp expensive. 32GB(200X speed) : $30-40(1$=80JPY) I did not try your case, so I can not say it would work or not work. I strongly recommend use cf card.
  • Answer to: My iPod (video) won't charge or connect/sync, but turns on. Battery?

    Dear Luke, I think there is a possibility at the connecter and Logic board. You changed a battery, it means you pull off the cable from battery connecter. A battery connnecter is only soldering on logic board, and sometimes thae soldering make cracks and it makes many many unfortunately isuues for iPod. If you touch a connnecter, and if it move a slightly, a soldering is broken. Please check a batttery connecter. Good luck and God bless you, and never give up!
  • Answer to: The Brown connector broken.

    The conclusion of a solution for battery cable problems 1)Only the brown connecter was broken You should order a new part this site, and reinstall it. Then it could be OK, and your iPod would be resumed. 2)Serious situation When a white part have been removed from the logicboard. (Very serious problem, no adhesive can help this problem.) A situation is told to below by e-mail or Fax, and you send parts, and have you solder to a logicboard again. Mr.Masaharu Nose(CEO) Address "Nose-seiki co.Ltd." 271, Ohhagi-Town Higashiohmi-City Shiga-Pref. Japan Postal code 527-0174 Tel:81-749-29-0989 Fax:81-749-46-1133 Also I introduce this company homepage and weblog. "Re-soldering of the connector which has taken the ipod board" Sorry, although it is a Japanese site, but I think that it turns out that I introduce if you have a photograph and movie seen...
  • Answer to: iPod turns on, goes to Apple logo, then cuts off

    Dear Mr. Phillip Stripling; I had a same issue that you wrote. If you use a Mac, try to Disk mode and connnect to your Mac. And start "Disc Utility" in application folder. Then You can choice your iPod at application, choice "ERASE" at application. Also I recomend to remove check box at "Mac OS9 start up". It has checked at start. It could be reformat your iPod's HDD, so all music and movie and photo data would be erase. I have tryed 3times, and my iPod was resumed and now works well. Hope this advice will help you. Good luck.