• Answer to: Why can't I open my apps?

    Do you have a jailbroken iphone? If do so you have have a tethered jailbreak and might need to use redsn0w to boot tethered now option. Theres a new tool to untethered jailbreak the iOS 5.1.1 its very easy and works on the 3gs whit no problems, and eliminate the need to connect tue iphone to the computer on every reboot.
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 Activation Required on every reboot.

    SOLVED ! it was a faulty screen, replaced and its working great again.
  • Answer to: Can be recognize by the computer but the screen is off

    I had this problem before, somethimes iphone go directly to Recovery Mlde when turned on, first thing to try whit the previuos/old battery to see if restore completes. If no, it may be unlocked before and its on 06.15 baseband thats why error 3914, so may use redsnOw pwoned dfu mode and restore whit a custom firmware, 4.1 always work, when working you can upgrade to latest firmware.
  • Answer to: screen broke into two pieces

    what i did is i pushed the screen upwards to make a small gap at the bottom and slide a one-side razor then pry it open, just try to avoid damage to the screen gasket.
  • Answer to: Why can I not hear the caller?

    may be a loose connection on #3 connector, this one turns the lcd backlight off when on a call and its the earspeaker. sometimes get loose or misaligned on the reassambly process, open again and check.
  • Answer to: The bottom half of the touch screen don't work

    It must be the digitizer went bad, sadly its kind of expensive around $70 for an OEM lcd and digitizer assembly as they come as one unit. Theres a guide how to replace the display assembly on a original iPhone and lots of videos on youtube.
  • Answer to: Display not working after reassembly

    It may need a hard reset, just pless power and home buttons to power off then power on again, it happened to me when change lcds whit the iPhone powered on.
  • Answer to: What part is this and where can I get it?

    You will need the power button flex replaced, and the part on the step 23 is the power button holder/braket it should be still attached to the old flex that you replaced. Search for iphone 4 power button flex
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 does not sync/charge after home button replacement

    Do you check dock connector flex? May got damaged when disconnected. Dock comes whit speakers a mic for memos, do they work?
  • Answer to: Does no backlight really mean logic board problem?

    It happened to me on a 3gs that wont work if the bightness level was half or brigther on settings. Try un low bright level if cables seem ok.