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  • Answer to: Left fan connector came off motherboard, can I hardwire?

    is this something a newbie could do? i just replaced the thermal compound on my late-2007 santa rosa black macbook, hoping to help the fan out since it sounded like it was about to lift off the ground and fly into space, but instead i ended up breaking off the soldered fan connector from the logic board. i've done a few mac fixes (using ifixit guides, like replacing a topcase on a macbook pro, etc) and feel fairly comfortable with computers but i've never soldered anything. it looks like it shouldn't be difficult - there are four dots on the connector and four on the logic board - they just need to be connected again via soldering, right? i guess i'll need a very teeny tip on the soldering iron but other than that, is there something i should look out for? i would take my computer to a professional but i live in bolivia and there are very few apple repair people here and they'll charge me a ton so if it's at all possible for me to do myself... thanks very much for any help with this! my computer runs ok but t...


  • MacBook Core 2 Duo Hard Drive Replacement

    it's really easy to do this - there's no need to pay someone else! thanks for this awesome tutorial.

  • MacBook Core 2 Duo RAM Replacement

    another great tutorial ~ this was very easy, took maybe 10 minutes max, and now i have a noticeably faster computer. i agree with the previous comment that you need to push the new ram in rather firmly.

  • MacBook Core 2 Duo Fan Replacement

    yup, did the same thing here - i broke the soldered bottom part of the connector off the logic board. i think the key to getting it off correctly is to use the spudger from the back to loosen the connector, where the wires are. if you use the spudger from the front, as i did, then it's easier to break the whole connector off -- or that's my guess at least.

    looking now to see if i can solder it back by myself.. ;Z