• iPhone 4 earpiece models

    I replaced the earpiece of an iPhone 4 and the new earpiece did not work. The earpiece on the iPhone 4 is a little different ...
  • Faster way to remove loudspeaker

    The loudspeakers of my iPhone 4 have very low sound. I want to replace the loudspeaker, I am looking at the ifixit guide and ...


  • Answer to: Is the display the same for the 4 and 4s

    I just installed an iPhone 4s screen assembly on an iPhone 4 and it worked perfectly, I tested the ambient sensor during a call and it worked fine too. What I had to do is to remove the two legs at the top and the legs on both sides (I tried to cut the legs but in the end I removed the whole metal thing). The I could use the bottom legs and put the screws.
  • Answer to: glass not flush after screen replacement

    Andrew, I was thinking to do what you explained, but I would not have actually tried if I had not read your comment. Thanks! I bought LCDs from four different suppliers and all of them had the same problem with the home button staying a little low, but now it feels works perfect with your solution.