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  • Answer to: front panel/digitizer for ipad a1475

    Take a look at this guide. iPad Air Wi-Fi Front Panel Assembly Replacement For parts you can buy this part: iPad Air Front Panel Digitizer Assembly or do an Ebay search for "ipad air digitizer". I prefer to buy with home button already installed.
  • Answer to: Erratic touchscreen behavior after replacement.

    Hi, take a look at this post and it may be helpful with a picture of how the digitizer cable should fold in. I screwed up 2 digitizers this way until I understood the problem.
  • Answer to: Waterproofing Xperia Z3 when reassembling?

    All the guides I have read state that the Z3 Compact will not be waterproof after opening it. You can check this buy entering this code to access the service menu on the phone: *#*#7378423#*#* Then you go to Service Tests -> Pressure Sensor Make sure the flaps for charge port and sim port are pressed in. Press down on the screen or just squeeze the phone and the pressure should change if the phone is waterproof. It does not change much but if it does not change then the phone is not waterproof. I have changed the back cover on two phones. What I found out was that you must have an original back cover adhesive. Use it even if the back cover comes with adhesive. Check on Ebay for "xperia z3 compact adhesive". If you are changing the LCD you must buy the front adhesive. The second time I used the original adhesive and the pressure test was successful. Sony Xperia adhesive I am not sure how much the pressure should rise on a new Xperia Z3 on the pressure test but I will go to a shop and test this on a new device....
  • Answer to: Posible to replace trackpad

    You only need a very small phillips screwdriver. The screws are super small. Buy a good one straight away like the ones on ifixit if your is not sharp. Try this guide: Replace trackpad on MacBook Pro 2009 I have replaced several trackpads. What I found out was that I usually only need to replace the cable from the trackpad to the logic board. Saved me some money. They cost about $10 on Ebay, like here: Trackpad cable on Ebay
  • Answer to: won't power on even after replacing battery

    Just to check - did you hold then power and home buttons in for at least 10 seconds? It should then turn on.
  • Answer to: everything is working fine except from the home button

    Under the button you see a spring. Sorry don't have a picture right here. The button only shorts this spring so the two gets contact. Try (very carefully since it can easily break) to lift up the spring so it is easier to short it. I remember I had the same problem and the spring was broken so I had to lift up what was left so it came in contact with the button. Don't remember if there are two springs but you see what the button is supposed to make contact with. Hope it helps!
  • Answer to: No input / output sound devices, no startup chime

    It sounds like if both the input and output device is gone from the sound panel on OS X it must be a hardware failure. OS X can not communicate with the device even if it finds it. The chips are on the logic board so it sounds like you need a logi board repair. Do you see a light inside the headphone jack? Not sure it would help since the digital output can hang sometimes and needs to be reset. But if OS X does not list in and output devices it can not communicate with them and it seems to be a hardware failure.
  • Answer to: After Logic Board Replacement my Mac will work perfectly?

    I have done numerous logic board replacements. I think the $900 + tax price is pretty expensive. I guess that is for a replacement. I have found a very good repair service in China. I am amazed at what they have accomplished with my water damaged MacBooks. I don't think they are over $250 and I have never had problems with these Macs after the repair. I can give you my contact if you are interested. I would go far to repair this machine. It is quadcore, SATA6, fast machine. If I was close to you I would buy it :-)
  • Answer to: Display interchangeable with 2009 17" MacBook?

    The models from 2009-2011 all have model numbers A1297 so you can use any display for A1297. They upgraded the resolution in 2009 to 1920X1200. All models MBP 17": The model before that was A1229. You could also use a matte display. Not easy to find on Ebay but I have seen some. You would also have to get the bezel.
  • Answer to: i've ripped, the volume ribbon, the power wont work

    The cable has both power and volume controls to the power button will not work if you rip the cable.


  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    Remember to move the metal latch at the top of the screen to the replacement screen. I had to use this to keep it in place or else the screen bulges at the top. Also there is no notice about adhesive but I bought new adhesive to keep the new screen attached.

    This iPod is one piece of fragile electronics. I agree everything about the 4th gen. iPod Touch is extremely difficult!

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    At this step is when you should test that the touch and LCD are working before you assemble back the parts. Be very careful when you plug in the cable for the LCD before you assemble the iPod. I have several times bent a pin on the contact on the motherboard. This could make the display white.

    If you see a bent pin on the LCD contact on the logic board you must carefully bend it back with a needle. If you break a pin you are lost and you need a new contact. And finding someone who is skilled to solder it!

    So do not use any force to get the LCD cable into the contact. Gently! Now if the screen still is white and you are sure the contact is not damaged, do like @mcbohdo and do a total reset of the iPod.

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    Hi, take a look at my post here to make sure you have moved over old parts from the broken screen assembly because these are not included when you buy a new part:


  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    No, not really. It has a function to spread and remove heat so your iPod could get hotter if it is not in place. If you have torn it. Just lift it up and put it together so it overlaps.

  • iPhone 3G Dock Connector Replacement

    Take a look at the small spacer just below the "4" connector. Some dock connectors out there do not have the small spacer. I experienced a couple of times that the (4) cable had popped out of the connector after using the phone for some days. The cable is a little stiff. The small spacer helps press down the cable onto the connector so it doesn't jump out.

  • iPad 2 Wi-Fi EMC 2415 Front Panel Replacement

    When closing the digitizer it is essential that you have tucked the digitizer cable into the opening between the frame and the LCD. Or else you can experience a small raise on the digitizer where the cable goes down.

    - Be careful that the adhesive along the panel does not stick to the cable

    - Position to close the side of the panel where the cable is

    - Use the plastic opening tool to fold in the cable underneath the LCD. This cable is more robust than e.g. the iPad Mini digitizer cable. There is an opening between the frame and the LCD where the cable runs down to the logic board

    - Make sure the cable is running downward into the iPad. There should be no folded cable on the frame but into the gap.

    Close the side and adjust the panel to the other side and position it in place. This way you avoid any bulge on that side of the digitizer and it will sit perfectly.

  • iPad 3 4G Home Button Assembly Replacement

    Position the home button and push the panel onto it. Remove the portion of film from the digitizer, adhesive from the home button, then push down in place the bottom of the screen so the home button sticks to the digitizer. If you position the home button on the digitizer it will be more trial and error.

  • iPad 2 CDMA Camera Bracket Replacement

    A good way to make sure the camera bracket sits correctly is to slip it into place on the camera with adhesive. Remove only a portion of the film at the top of the digitizer (where the camera bracket sits.) Then position the digitizer into place at the top and push down so the bracket sticks in correct position. I do the same for the home button. remove the portion of film from the digitizer, adhesive from the home button, then push down in place the bottom of the screen so the home button sticks to the digitizer. Check that the home button works properly before removing the adhesive covers and the final closing.

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    Here is where you take it easy. Two things can be broken here.

    -Use time to carefully separate the bottom left part of the midplane. It sticks to the speaker which you tear the speaker leads if you are to hasty to lift it up. And remember the mid plane must not be bended up here since it needs to be 100% aligned so the new digitizer does not bulge here when in place.

    - The second picture. The black visible adhesive sticks to the volume cable. Use time to carefully separate the mid plane here so the cable is not ripped when you lift up the midplane. Pry a plastic tool like the picture or/and a spudger slowly in until you see/feel the midplane loosening. A broken volume cable is no fun.

  • iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

    The antenna cable will almost always stick to the digitzer and often the glass is broken there. You can use a knife to pick out broken glass around the edges elsewhere but use ONLY PLASTIC tool to separate the antenna cable from the old digitzer. This cable is very thin and a metal tool can easily cut the cable which you cannot then repair but must buy a replacement.