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  • Answer to: power supply board replacement part

    Hi Power supply board part numbers are: 661-6048, 661-5543. I found boards available for sale on ebay and maybe available for other apple spares suppliers if you search using the part numbers.
  • Answer to: Is it possible to replace just keyboard, not whole top case?

    All Aluminium Macbook Pros (inc. unibody) have removable and replacable keyboards and trackpads. Many sellers on ebay sell both parts on there own; you don't have to replace the whole top case, trackpad and keyboard, if all you want/need to replace is the keyboard. Make sure you get the correct keyboard layout to match the top case, and vice versa.


  • MacBook Pro 17" Unibody Display Replacement

    What's the url to the youtube video you mentioned?

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Keyboard Replacement

    Keyboards can be purchased from powerbookmedic, thebookyard, ebay and aliexpress.

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2010 Keyboard Replacement

    There is a line printed on the keyboard connector ribbon; so long as that line is flush with the keyboard socket when the cable has been inserted and the socket latch is down, then you have connected the keyboard.

    Two things to check - make sure the connector and socket are clean and no pins are damaged.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    The cables are located along the bottom of the screen. The best place to start would be the upper left corner. First go along the top, be careful around the camera, then continue down the right hand side. when you get to the bottom right corner just go around the corner about 5-10mm. Now return to the top left corner and continue down the left hand side following the same procedure as the right. guitar picks / sim cards or similar are useful to keep the screen separated as you go along.

    When all 3 sides are separated, gently lift up the display. The display is still attached at this point. detach all but the centre ribbon cable.

    Now gently heat the bottom off the display, and when the glue is soft, gently separate the display from the tablet.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    First remove the sticky black adhesive. Once removed, use 10mm double sided tape (preferably made by 3M) to stick the new display down.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    Estimated time to remove the display would be approx 20-30 mins for a professional and maybe 45-50 mins for an novice fixer.

  • Microsoft Surface Pro Teardown

    10mm 3M double-sided adhesive tape would be be the best choice.