• Answer to: Broken lvds connector on logic board, work around?

    Hi, sadly you're probably correct about the logic board failure. Generally issues with black screen, lines, white screen, etc. are caused by liquid damage, failing GPU or display fuse. I've heard of guys doung component level soldering & they say it's easy & a cheap part, but unless you have a rework station & know which one it is it's impossie. As for a work around, I've seen guys with LVDS cable extentions & other things, but they were hacked up & spliced DIY style. You're just going to have to use an external monitor or sell it & buy a new one.
  • Answer to: How to bypass the Powerbutton on the Logicboard?

    I recommend NOT trying ANY 'shorting' of your logic board. Your board is currently good, so don't destroy it. The solution is simple, but takes a new keyboard/backlight & a complete removal of lower case components. If you can use a screw driver, have the correct tools, can follow directions & have patience this will cost about $100 US with parts (buy NEW on ebay) & tools (on iFixit). Good luck
  • Answer to: replacing keyboard on MacBook Pro 13"

    I'm doing it now, will update on how it goes. Update: Mayer, no I can't find a part number on my keyboard, I saw one on the backlight 815-9996. On the keyboard I see the word "TOP" on the plastic circuitry & I saw some numbers but the were unreadable thought the circuit lines. Just search ebay they should have the correct models labeled with years & sometimes model numbers.


  • MacBook Air 13" Mid 2011 Trackpad Replacement

    The Apple tech repair guide for this model of Macbook Air states that the flexures use Phillips #000 screws, but I didn't have good luck using #000 drivers on them. A high quality precision Phillips #00 driver worked a little better, but I'm wondering if this is actually a JIS cross point phillips #00 or #000 screwdriver? The screws look more like JIS (Japanese Industry Standard) instead of Phillips, anyone try a JIS with better luck on these?

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Lower Case Replacement

    The 10 screws that hold tha bottom case take a #00 Phillips driver, if yours doesnt fit it's probably because it's cheaply made & not precise enough. The only thing that I needed a #000 driver for was the keyboard screws. They're so small they look like specks of dirt or sand. I stripped out 4 of them & now will need to grind the heads off with a Dremel/rotary tool. The other thing that sucks is iFixit doesn't have a tutorial for keyboard replacement!

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Hard Drive Replacement

    This could be from the Apple firmware update for 7200 RPM Drives. They released an update because these were causing vibration that people were complaining about. Maybe it wouldn't function without update?

  • MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2009 Hard Drive Replacement

    Only if you don't want a hard drive in your MacBook Pro. ;P

    *Step 7: REMOVE HDD

    *Step 8: REPLACE HDD

    Key steps if you need to save or access data. That is, unless you use an external HDD. Then yes, you can stop at step 7.