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  • Answer to: How to fix my Playstation3 lag?

    Sounds like your drive is struggling to read the discs. Try installing the games to the hard drive and see if that's better. If it's the same it could be getting hot, therefore does it get worse the longer the machine is on, and has it ever frozen completely?
  • Answer to: Phone Not Charge Not iTunes

    Maybe it's something basic like the cable you're using, or even the PC you are plugging it into. See if it registers on a friends PC with their cable. Assume the phone is otherwise functional. If not, and maybe if it is, putting it into DFU mode, does it behave differently?
  • Answer to: Why does the DVD drive keep ejecting the disc?

    Have you tried a cleaning CD? You should still be under warranty so if it's anything other than dirt on the lens then it should be sent back under warranty for repair / replacement.
  • Answer to: The memory card slot 1 does not work

    It could be simply that something has got inside the slot and is preventing the card from seating properly. Shine a torch in the slot and see if you can see anything obstructing it. If not then its likely either dirt on the contacts or the cable inside has come loose, in which case it would have to be pulled apart. One clue might be how it failed, did it stop suddenly following a knock or drop or did it slowly become less and less reliable.
  • Answer to: convert the following to launchd: /etc/mach_init.d/dashboardadvisoryd.

    Have you tried safe mode? If that doesnt work then a reload of OSX might be the answer.
  • Answer to: Battery connector broke off motherboard

    Ahh, you forgot to release the battery from the mounting before tearing the battery out. I did exactly the same thing with an iPhone 4 just before the 4s was released. In my case it actually tore the contacts from the board making it impossible to solder it back on. I tried, and had mixed results with the phone working for a few minutes at a time at best but my story does not have a happy ending. I ended up buying a new phone and giving away the 4 for spares in the end. Depending on the damage done, there might be a chance you can solder a new connector on if you have a good soldering iron. Replacement battery connectors can be obtained on eBay, I recall that's what I did. I'm just hoping you didn't loose the contacts from the board like I did.
  • Answer to: vertical line on my MacBook air

    Sounds like you have either a break in the ribbon cable that runs between the base and the screen or the screen itself might be damaged. Does the line move or change appearance if the lid is moved up and down?
  • Answer to: Is this a display data cable problem?

    Almost sounds like the magnet that detects the screen opening and closing is not detecting that the screen is open. Troubleshooting that could be tricky, I've read that removing the external screen when it's running can kick the inbuilt screen into life....
  • Answer to: How to reinstall window 8 on Hp Envy m6 Notebook

    Do you have the install media? If so just boot from it... Otherwise.... If you've got access to another PC, then it should be simple - source and download an ISO of Windows 8 and then Microsofts USB download tool. Once you have the two, stick a 4gb+ USB stick onto your spare PC and use the tool to copy the ISO content to the USB stick and make it bootable. Once done, you should be able to boot the laptop from the USB stick by holding down a function key during POST. Just install to the now blank drive and put your licence key in when prompted. You might need to download your network device drivers from HP on the second PC and put them on the USB stick to get the machine online (if Windows doesn't do that for you). Then just download all the driver updates and patches to get the system up to date. HP might even provide a tool to install that will intelligently download the system updates you need. Then when all done, make sure you shutdown properly and avoid corrupting it again.
  • Answer to: How to fix the loose power button?

    Doesn't sound normal, I'd say if you're not happy with your new purchase, book yourself an appointment at your local Apple store, and take your new phone back and insist they do something about it. If it's a build quality problem they should honour the warranty and repair/replace the phone, I suspect the latter. The only other suggestion is to buy a skin for the phone that hugs the edges tightly thus prevents button moving.