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  • Answer to: remove front wheel cover

    I am not sure of that exact model but if the hubcap that you are describing is made of rubber, then it should be a little bit flexible. They are held on by a clip I believe. Don't pull it off straight, but try to take it from the side and see if it comes off. You may need to pry it off. I am not sure if this would help but here's the instruction manual: http://www.scribd.com/doc/131909124/l-0207061-CRAFTSMAN-Manual
  • Answer to: dropped in water, what to do?

    It is important to not turn on electronics after it has touched water. However if you want a different item than rice to tuck your electronics in you can try the Thirsty Bag.
  • Answer to: dropped ipod touch in water

    As rab777hp had said before not turning it on is very important for a device that has recently been under water, or splashed by it. If you want an alternative to his step #2 of putting your electronic in rice you can get the Thirsty Bag which is better than your incredibly edible grocery substitute.
  • Answer to: Where do I obtain/purchase this item

    That cable can be found included in the Mac Mini Dual Hard Drive Kit.
  • Answer to: Optical Drive Installation problem?

    Hi Jordan, If it is the optical drive that you are trying to replace, is shouldn't need a software update in theory. Perhaps there is something else wrong, or there is a problem with the new optical drive. To test wither or not it is the new optical drive that is broken you probably should contact your supplier and see if they can exchange it for you and try again. Or you can get SATA Wondercable plug in the optical drive and see if it runs.
  • Answer to: Additional SSD HDD (keeping Optical Drive)

    Hi Chris, There is no easy way to interswap your optical drive and hard drive internally. Although the SATA Wondercable will let you plug in SATA harddrives as well as optical drives externally.