• What is the empty socket located about an inch above the CPU and GPU on the motherboard (same side as the SATA sockets)?

  • The same socket exists on the 6630M version (I put an SSD in my i5/2.5/500 prior to this take apart.)

  • There is no separate temp sensor, just the single flat cable from motherboard to the SATA hard drive (unless the temp sensor wiring is included in a custom SATA port on the 500GB hard drive. With an SSD in place, my fan is noticeably running, but I am not sure whether it is due to heat from the SSD/GPU/CPU combination.)

  • No. See the note in the guide, it is soldered to the motherboard.

  • Yes.

    I can confirm that System Information reports a 6 Gigabit link. My SSD is only SATA II (3 Gigabit) so I am unable to test throughput.

    I also have a flat cable from a 2010 mini server to test the second HD.

  • SMC fan control reports 1800rpm minimum fan speed. This is with an upgraded SSD and a Dual-DVI -> 30" Cinema Display (using discrete 6630M GPU.)