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Hey there! My name is Anmei Liu, and I’m a statistics major at UC Davis. I’ve always been interested in number crunching, but I also really like to understand the relationships between things - something statistics can tell us about. When I graduate, I hope to become a statistician, data analyst, or data scientist - somewhere I can use my passion for data to make a difference! Some statistics projects I’ve worked on include stock analysis and a ecological biodiversity analysis, but I am interested in a variety of topics, from sociology to linguistics.

I have very little experience building things, and even less in fixing things. However, there are definitely things I’d like to fix - stuff tends to break around me! Someday, I’d like to learn how to fix an old speaker (it seems to defy all attempts to get it working long-term).

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In my spare time, I like to write, draw, read fiction, and play video games. I also enjoy the outdoors! Here’s a photo of some flowers that I took at the San Francisco Botanical Garden.

I am very excited to be contributing to iFixit! Of course, I’m happy to have the chance to demonstrate my technical writing skills in a meaningful, real-world context. However, I am also very interested in the process of capturing community knowledge in a more static form, and I look forward to taking my experience with this project and applying it to other contexts.


  • R, Python, Excel
  • Data visualization
  • Communicating complex concepts
  • Managing other people
  • Problem-solving

Awards and Honors

  • Regents’ Scholarship
  • University Honors Program (2017-ongoing)
  • Dean’s List, 4 quarters