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Right to Repair



Hello, my name is Van Schneider, I am a first year Computer Engineer at California Polytechnic State University.


I chose the field of Computer Engineering because I was always naturally curious of how machines operate. I hope to work with robotics some day.


I have taken on many challenges in the past which have developed my skills in electronics/circuitry, woodworking, and professional communication.


I began and operated a small business as a co-owner in my home community. I was involved in the buildings construction and renovating a bus into a food truck as our second location. I also designed everything from food preparation systems to marketing strategies for the business. I am fluent in professional communication as I was a manager of our 10 employees and worked with other businesses on events and promotions.

Repair Experience:

I strongly believe that most of my repair experience comes from my natural interest to make a broken machine work again. I also have educational experience in repairs through a reverse engineering course at my high school where we took apart entire devices and developed a portfolio explaining the devices design and functions. I also have some experience repairing the devices and machinery at my restaurant.


Moving to California has allowed me to spend more time doing the things I love. I enjoy surfing, skateboarding, and skiing in my free time.

How does this project relate to you?:

This project relates to me as I love to fix and repair devices and i’m a strong believer in the right to repair to make our electronics last longer.

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