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I attend California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, CA. I am studying BioResource and Agricultural Engineering (BRAE), with a minor in Spanish. I chose this major because I love learning about new advances in the BioResource field -- aquaponics, vertical farming, hydroponics, and more!

Career Goals

With my degree in BRAE, I hope to work as a WASH engineer. I am interested in working to provide everyone with access to their basic human rights, such as clean water, sanitation, and food security. I hope to work alongside communities and NGOs to achieve the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations.


My most recent project is machining a metal tractor art piece for the Agricultural Engineering Society (AES) auction. The tractor has a system of gears reductions, where the last gear will move once every 16,000 years, which is approximately how long people have been farming. I also wrote a report for this project.


I am a part of Engineer’s Without Borders (EWB) at Cal Poly. I am working on the filter sub-team in the Fiji club. Our task is to design and implement slow sand filters for three communities in Mali, Fiji.

I am also a part of Critical Global Engagement (CGE) at Cal Poly. This is a club that discusses ethics in global development work. I am currently completing an EdGE course through Omprakash that raises awareness and critical thinking.


Outside of engineering, I love being outdoors. I have a book of 585 hikes around my county and it is my goal to complete every hike listed while I live here. I also love dancing. I have taken classical ballet for 15 years. At Cal Poly, I joined the Swing Club. I hope to join more dance clubs on campus and learn all kinds of dance. I also love playing soccer and volleyball. I played both from a young age, and I continue to play soccer through an IM team at the school.