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About me

Hi, my name is Christine! I am a Spaceflight Operations Major at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, aspiring to be a flight director. I have a love for all STEM fields, including physics, astronomy, aviation, computer science, and chemistry. I am an environmentalist, currently working on expanding my efforts of active sustainability in my community, both locally and online, through my business and website. I learn every day and strive to get the most out of every experience that I have; educational or hands-on! I am a BIG computer nerd and am very good with computer technology and software. Currently, the project I am working on involves a Lenovo Thinkpad. I am eager to learn the insides and outsides of this computer, as I would like to improve my knowledge of computers even more. I am usually the go-to person out of my friends and family to help with technology and computers, so working with iFixIt will be extremely enriching!

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Daytona State College 2017-2019; earned an Associates of Arts Degree in General Studies

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Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 2020; studying for a Bachelors in Spaceflight Operations with an Aviation Weather Minor and a Business Administration Minor


The stars are where we came from, and I return to them every night! I am part of the Amateur Astronomy Club, as my love for our Universe grows each day

Being an environmentalist, I strive to help the planet in any way I can. I Volunteered at Sugar Mill Botanical Gardens for a few years. I have a green thumb!

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I have been on over 20 different thrilling cruises. Cruises are my favorite type of vacation

I participated in an internship with the Museum of Arts and Sciences during my senior year of high school. I learned about museum curating, the expansive fossil record, carbon dating, and even got to attend many of the museum events

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This year I am aspiring to join the team at the Marine Science Center as an aquatic sea life volunteer. I love animals!

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Future Plans

I plan on graduating Embry Riddle with a Bachelors of Science in Spaceflight Operations A.O.C. Operations Science and Technology. Additionally, preparing me for my Master’s pursuits I would like to major in Astronomy and Astrophysics or some undergraduate-level physics, as I have my sights set on a Masters Degree as well as a PhD in some high-level physics, actively participating in the research fields of quantum physics and the creation of our universe. I want to pursue my minors, as well as my extreme passion for cinematography on the side. I plan on growing my business and blog to the influencer level, so I can inspire people of all ages and alikeness to shoot for the stars. In my future plans lies not just success, but flourishment and influence, prosperity and contribution to the vast fields of STEM, and humankind.