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  • Answer to: Magsafe Adaptor problems and battery

    It sounds like the MacBook is drawing power to run the Mac but not charge the battery at the same time. Depending on the update, the battery may have been marginally good but is now being specced as bad by the software. Here's a few ideas: - Check the battery condition on the Battery menu icon. - Check the Magsafe slot on the MacBook to see if there is any metallic debris. A magnet is there designed to hold the Magsafe plug, but it can pick up anything metal, as well, causing the plug to not seat well and even create a potential short. -Try another Magsafe charger to see if it will charge the battery. - If it doesn't then the battery may be at fault. - If a new battery does not fix the issue, then the problem may be with the MacBook itself. Take it to an Apple store to get it checked out.
  • Answer to: My front bezel won't snap back on?

    This is regarding the small, grey plastic slotted mounts that fit onto the metal frame around the LCD screen. When you remove the bezel, they often come off with the bezel rather than stay in the mounting holes. I pop them off the bezel by placing my thumb over them then prying them off the bezel tab with a thin blade. To attach them back to the LCD frame, place one end in the hole, then gently press toward the inserted end so it arches upward slightly, allowing for the other end to snap down into the hole. I use a spudger or a chopstick to exert the backwards pressure and press down with my finger. Do not try to just mash them into the holes as this will merely bend the attachment tabs and potentially break them. I still use double-sided tape to hold the bezel in place.