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  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1-1.5 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

    Step 9-10 : I found the instructions on releasing the front latch not very helpful (at least I did not succeed) following these steps). However I found on line the official Apple disassembly manual whci directs you to do the following : lift the keyboard assembly from the back up to 45 degrees and this will (and DOES) release the front latches when you gently wiggle the keyboard assembly left and right. When you do that you can indeed SEE where the latches are and it really helps. No prying tools necessary. Good luck.

  • PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1-1.5 GHz Upper Case Replacement

    Apple official disassembly guide suggests instead to lift the upper case from the back up to 45 degrees. Then while lowering it back gently wiggle the upper case and it does disengage the latches. No tools required, no risk of bending the case.