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    Hi John, I believe the optical bay isn't getting hot at all but because I put my fans down at a slow speed now the overall iMac gets quite hot. I'm still experiencing lag issues but not sure if that is related to the SSD being on the optical bay port (converted to SATA). This setup hasn't been really working for me. I have not figured out if it's because: 1) SSD is in the optical bay port or 2) OSX Lion instability issues (software related) Booting up the computer makes it faster again but after about a night's use of computing it slows down to the point where you want to put a hole through the screen(of course i really won't). Thanks Jonathan Sorry I forgot to answer: I did boot from the SSD in the optical bay. And I am getting 3G on the SSD on the optical bay. Thanks very much Jonathan
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    I just took apart my iMac 27" late 2009 (even the cpu and applied new thermal paste). Replaced the 1TB Hitachi SATA drive with the Western Digital 2TB Caviar Black 6Gbit SATAIII - the iMac late 2009 does not support the 6Gbit SATAIII. At first I thought it was the 3Gbit SATA cable that was in the iMac, then I swapped the SATA Cable for a 6Gbit cable still no luck. Therefore I had to put a jumper in the HDD to change it to 3Gbit. That worked well and no issues Took out the Super drive and replaced it with an SSD (Runcore V 2.5" 240GB) and caddy to hold the SSD. - No issues with compatibility and runs at 3Gbit. Temperature is what we all want to know. The 1TB has the temp sensor cable directly plugged into the HDD, so if you disconnect it the HDD Fan goes crazy. The new 2TB Caviar Black does not have a temp sensor to plug into. The Superdrive has a Thermal Temp Sensor that is stuck on the outside of the drive. My solution was to swap the Super Drive's Thermal sensor with the 1TB's Thermal sensor. Reason being t...
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    I have the Core 2 Duo 3.06GHz iMac 27-inch too. I can open my CPU up as I've opened everything (except the CPU) and changing hard drives and optical drives as Im typing. My warranty is far over. :) Update: Here's the Intel E7600 3.06GHz CPU in the iMac 27" late 2009