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Hello! My name is Daniel Tagalog. I am a 2nd year Manufacturing Engineering student at California Polytechnic State San Luis Obispo.

My experience with repairs comes from basic car maintenance and working on my bikes. In high school, I took auto shop in which I learned how to do basic auto mechanic tasks. We started off with basic maintenance, such as changing oil and rotating tires. Then we progressed toward more involved tasks, like wheel alignment and strut replacement. This taught me how to use a wide array of tools in the shop as well as increased my confidence when working on cars. I also do routine maintenance on my road bike to keep it running smoothly. I put my bike through a lot of use so it is essential that I be vigilant with high-wear components and replace them when necessary.

I am excited to create an iFixit guide because it will give me valuable experience with device teardowns and writing technical instructions. As a manufacturing engineering student, it will be useful to see how things are assembled together and the precision it requires. This project will also make me feel more confident when doing repairs on my own devices.


  • Solidworks
  • soldering
  • CNC lathes and mills

Repair Experience:

  • Car Repairs
    • tires
    • oil change
    • spark plug replacement
    • brake pad and rotor replacement
    • strut replacement
  • Bike Repairs:
    • derailleur adjustments
    • tube & tire replacement
    • brake pad replacement


  • Cal Poly Racing
  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Pilipino Cultural Exchange


  • Trail Running
  • Biking
  • Basketball
  • Adventuring
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