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Hello, welcome to my profile. My name is Simon Lin. I’m a sophomore at California Polytechnic State University with a major in civil engineering.

I was never the biggest fan of engineering growing up. Engineering used to mean just machines to me, sure they are cool and such, but I would probably never really need one of them and would never own one. Yes, this includes automobiles. Why? I was born and raised in Guangzhou, China. Besides all the cultural and economical backgrounds of the city, it is a town with over 15 lines of subways with a dozen more in construction , more than 500 routes of buses, nearly a million public bikes and a handful of other public transportation apparatus including ferries, trams. etc.

Me? I am the biggest fan of public transportations. I just love riding on buses and subways. I am always the one who knows all the routes and transfers. Whenever a new subway line is launched, I would try it out as soon as I could. I am too fascinated in the transportational process that even weekday commuting is a joy for me.

Upon my arrival in the United States to seek an education that fits myself better, lots of things changed.

  • Skills—Organization skills, flexbility
  • Projects/accomplishments—Kelli A.C. Herring Award for generousity(2016), Award for excellence in math(2018)
  • Repair experience—Fix a classmate’s malfunctioned phone in high school with screwdrivers from the school physics lab.
  • Accolades—Won
  • Groups/memberships—ISF Cal Poly, Cal Poly Magic the Gathering
  • Hobbies—Boardgames
  • How does this project relate to you?—I own a nintendo switch myself so it would be very helpful.
  • Any other fun facts you’d like to add?— I like food.