• Answer to: WLAN does not connect to a network

    My friend also having the same problem, what I did was backup the phone using iTunes, re-download and re-install the firmware using iTunes. Make sure the problem gone then restore all your apps.
  • Answer to: HDD and SSD Dual Drives

    It is possible, but it is not recommended as this will slow down the speed. Normally you use 2 similar drives to make it faster (RAID).
  • Answer to: Is this just for Mac hard drives

    Yes it does works on a Windows computer. I'm using it for my 3.5" HDD on my Windows 8.
  • Answer to: Can you replace just the screen?

    Actually you can replace the digitizer / LCD separately, there are many seller selling it separately. Unfortunately iFixit didn't sell it.
  • Answer to: WLAN does not connect to a network

    Try to check the Wireless channel at your company, sometimes the channel is not supported by your phone/laptop (happened to me), but as long as the phone can still read the WiFi signal, the antenna is working just fine.