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  • iPhone 5 Display Assembly Replacement

    Suction cup didn't work for me. I tried for half hour with my nerd biceps. In the end, I inserted an xacto blade below the home button to create a gap big enough for me to put in a guitar pick and finally able to pry it open. In the process I scratched the frame so you have to be very careful if you decide to take this approach.

  • iPhone 4 Home Button Replacement

    This step is really tricky. I broke the connector accidentally.

  • Unresponsive Home Button

    It worked! Easiest job ever.

  • iPad 2 GSM Front Panel Replacement

    Twice I opened the front panel and both times I tore the Bluetooth cable. Not sure if you are as clumsy as me but you might want to get a spare Bluetooth antenna handy just in case. The adhesive used is simply too sticky for the front panel not to pull the Bluetooth antenna ribbon along.