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  • Answer to: Picture gets black and cant get them back

    I'm sad to inform that the file that contains those pictures are most likely corrupted. A restore and backup of the OS will not bring them back. This usually happens if photos are stored for a long time and the camera roll gets too big. Over 1,000 photos has been known to be risky though the newer iOS versions have been better at file management. I would recommend to sync regularly and remove your photos from the phone to a computer. In hopes of recovering the pictures affected, you will need special software that can recover lost photos like they have for damaged SD cards. Though I cannot think of one in particular you may use on the iPhone. Hope this helps and good luck, Danny.
  • Answer to: iPhone start nai ho ra

    You mstt resoorting teh os form FDU mdoe n nituens too hvae a rfesh nistlalla. kthxbai, Danny.
  • Answer to: Is it normal that I charge my phone 3x a day

    If you have battery issues with the iPhone 5S, I highly recommend to try disabling the Parallax effect that was introduced in iOS 7.0 Make this change and test it for a couple days, it definitely helped me. Settings > General > Accessibility and tap Reduce Motion to "on." Its actually number 3 on the list of how to Stop iOS 7 From Killing Your iPhone Battery: Good Luck! Danny. PS Don't forget that the LCD screen being on is the biggest battery drain of all. If you are constantly with the screen lit, you should expect the battery to drain quicker than others are likely to experience.
  • Answer to: Why after replacing the touch panel glass I got multicolored lines

    The LCD panel is damaged and must be replaced. The multicolored lines cannot be repaired, the entire LCD unit must be replaced. Regards, Danny
  • Answer to: Wont turn on after display replacement

    I would recommend to double-check and reseat all flex cable connectors. Is the phone able to boot and be recognized by a computer? Or does the phone not boot at all? There are several issues that may cause the display not to function properly. You may also want to try a soft reset by holding the power and home buttons simultaneously for 12-15 seconds. Good luck!
  • Answer to: The glass is gettin off, after replace, how I can paste it?

    The iPad Retina Adhesive Stripes will help secure the iPad glass touch screen digitizer to the chassis. However, to properly affix the screen's frame you will need the iPad Adhesive Strips for the Screen Frame which is the same for the iPad 3rd-Gen and the iPad 4th-Gen. Pic: Hope this helps, Danny.
  • Answer to: Internal damage after over heating?

    Excessive heat was probably the reason the battery died. It is a known for all batteries that heat is their primary enemy. Replacing your iPhone 4 battery should do the trick. Simply unscrew the two bottom screws and remove the back plate. The battery will be in full view and easy to remove. Hope this helps, Dan.
  • Answer to: Rear Camera problem - purple dots on pictures

    Looks like there may some dust particles that have made it inside your camera module. I had the same issue and fixed it by changing the iPhone 5 rear camera. Good luck!
  • Answer to: Where can I buy a new back cover for iPhone 5?

    A quick google search found this site that has different color backs for the iPhone 5 Hope it helps, Dan.
  • Answer to: LED light won't turn off even when powered down!

    Sounds like your camera might have gotten shorted and is defective. Unscrew the two bottom screws and remove the back cover. Then remove the shield and you will have access to the iphone's rear camera. Its not that hard to replace and is available for a good price.