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  • Answer to: Why does the backlight flicker after screen repair

    It happened to me after I replaced a screen. I totally agree with iwillfix. A lot of people say you must turn brightness/auto-bright off/on, wait a little, sing a song, yadda yadda, but if you just wait you're good to go.
  • Answer to: Crazy power issue? can you give me any advice!

    It was too long ago it dropped into water? If not, you can try open it and let it in a dry place during some hours. If it was too long ago, look for rusty contacts on the conectors.
  • Answer to: noise static when music play

    hello! try replacing the phones. a bit of rust or dust in the jackphone could cause a noise similar to static. try cleanning it with a cotton stick, care to not leave cotton on the jackphone. you could also try playing at a base station (if you have one) to know for certain if it is not a jackphone problem.
  • Answer to: iPhone 3GS 16gb problem when drop on the ground

    Try connect your phone to computer and enter DFU mode. To enter DFU mode: With the phone both connected and turned off, hold your power button for 1 to 3 seconds. Then press and hold the home button without realeasing the power button and count 10 seconds. Then, release the power button and still holding home button and count 15 seconds. If you already did that and doesn't work, I would say that some board may be broken. Maybe your dock connector board...
  • Answer to: I replaced battery and everything works but it now won't charge

    You will need a multimeter to test the fuses. Most part of the models have the beep function to test continuity of a fuse or cable.
  • Answer to: I replaced battery and everything works but it now won't charge

    Did you already hard reseted it? You can also change the computer you're using. I came up with this symptom yesterday (on an itouch 2nd generation), but just reataching the usb cable worked for me.


  • iPod Photo Troubleshooting

    Hey, I had a 60Gb iPod Photo that kept rebooting by itself, it didn't even past the Apple logo, just like the description in the last troubleshoot.

    I managed to fix it by entering the diagnostics mode (explained in the link). The iPod entered the diag menu normally and then I choose 'Disk Mode'. As soon as it started in disk mode, I was able to restore it using the iTunes. I searched a lot on the ifixit but I didn't find nothing about it.

    I found it here: