• Answer to: Can not slide to unlock

    you probably need to replace your digitiser. :)
  • Answer to: Why is my mouse ball not working

    just replace the ball, it pops in and out, use tweezers or a small flathead screw driver
  • Answer to: Battery not holding charge!

    Bad news to tell you it is the logic board, and it's drawing too much current. I'm still trying to work out how to repair it, I'd like to know what components need replacing if its possible too. Or else u can buy an extended battery case for your iphone.
  • Answer to: This accessory is not supported by this iPhone? after reassembling

    I've come across that before, change the SYSTEM connector and it should resolve the issue. :)
  • Answer to: not able to hear it ring

    at the bottom of the iphone, they are 2 speaker meshes, maybe they are blocked or covered ? try to clean it with a tooth brush, if not, u need to replace your speaker box. :)
  • Answer to: iPhone 4 fell into bleach and water down the toilet. Last resorts?

    what a good combination, have u opened up the shielding ? is there much corrosion on the PCB ? try to clean with IPA, and then put it in an ultrasonic cleaner cos a couple of cycles, then dry it out and heat it up. make sure u dont see any corrosion left on the board, if you do, resolder the contact points. perhaps also try it with a new battery, more work in repairing an if4 then an if3. good luck :) Update: normally i use distilled water in the ultrasonic cleaner, then i heat it up then i reflow it
  • Answer to: Back panel will not slide back on?

    you need to put a little bit of force, and check out the outter frame that it is aligned with the housing as u slide it on. :)
  • Answer to: Won't ring, vibrate, power button doesnt work, no speaker phone.

    try replacing the audio flex and/or the speaker box and system connector.
  • Answer to: (PICS) Identify this part... PLEASE! (UPDATE)

    That's the bracket for the system connector that is screwed onto the rear housing, acts as a ground for reception.
  • Answer to: Home and power buttom doesn't work

    you would have to check with your back case, is it a genuine one or the after market china copies, as some of them are faulty, you should take the audio flex from your original housing and switch it with the one in the housing you wish to use, and the home flex, u check for connectivity with a multimeter as your pressing it and depressing it, if its all good there, then it's your system connector that needs replacing. 3gs home flex can be used in a 3g, the pins are longer too.