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  • Answer to: How can I repair a hole on my shoe sole?

    There is a product just for this purpose ! It was "Bison Marathon", it then became "Bison Liquid Sole", and I think its now called "Bison Liquid Rubber". (Don't they love confusing us ?) It flexibly fills the hole, and extended the life of a pair of my particular favourite shoes for a couple of years. Make sure the worn part of your shoe sole is as clean as you can possibly make it before applying. If the hole is right through, duct tape the inside first. Their web address is A similar product is "Shoe Goo" Try Googling these names for hardware stores in your area.
  • Answer to: How do you easily tell if a CFL bulb is bad?

    Warning: When replacing a CFL bulb into a light socket, do not hold it by the tubes, particularly if it is the type with two or three U-tubes coming up from the base ! Just a gentle squeeze will crack them ! Always hold it by the base when fitting it in the socket, do not apply any pressure to the tubes.
  • Answer to: I can't change the lightbulb by myself!

    At about the age of nine, I stuck my thumb in a light socket just to see what would happen. Therefore, from personal experience. I can solemnly attest and confirm that Brock is telling the truth. IT B****Y HURTs !!! (And here in the U.K. we have 250 Volts.) (Well actually only about 242 by the time it gets to the little village where I live now.) Did this experience really change my life ? I became an electrician, and have had a good few belters since then. Please take our word for it, ... DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME !


  • Removing Stripped Counter-Sunk Allen-Key Bolts

    Use the same technique for Philips or crosshead screws.

    Use a grinding / cutting disk, not a saw blade. Apply the rotating cutting disk gently, do not force or it will break.

    If this is a toughened steel or stainless steel bolt (much tougher), it will be best to use a reinforced cutting disk.

    Use a dusk mask to avoid breathing the dusk from the disk !

    (No, I don't usually, but I should !)