• Rispondi a: My iPhone 4 has new kind of screws :S

    I received my screwdriver set that I bought on eBay and one of the two screwdrivers that was included in the set matches the new iPhone screws like it was made for the new screws (and it very likely was specially made for these screws). It doesn't strip the screws and there is no sign of screwdriver usage even after removing screws a couple of times. I bought mine from here.
  • Rispondi a: Where to get the new iPhone 4 torx screws?

    They are not Torx screws. Torx screws have a 6 pointed star pattern and the new iPhone 4 screws have only 5. Even if you did find the screws, it is hard to find screwdrivers that will match the screw heads. However, if you do insist on getting the new screws, take your phone to the nearest apple store with a warranty claim and whether you want it or not, they are more than likely to return your phone with the new screws!