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Originally born and raised in South Florida, I'm partly responsible for igniting the under-car-lighting industry known as "underglow" (I'm sorry). Choosing instead a life of excitement, adventure, combat, and travel, I accidentally joined the US Air Force and became a Satellite Communications Technician. Married since 1994, 15/21 years were served abroad with my wife homeschooling our four children. We retired to Spokane having never lived here previously, purchasing a home, with acreage, near the end of Lake Spokane.

Unable to sit still for long, I went to work in the CNC industry for a few years, until returning to school in 2017. I'm majoring in Technical Communications at Eastern Washington University. My interests and hobbies are diverse. Most of the time (if I had more), I would rather purchase a broken item to learn how it works while repairing it. The rest of the time I spend modifying items until they break. My dual-sport motorcycle (heavy dirtbike) is all LED (yellow driving lights) with additional spotlights. My car has its factory daytime running lights bypassed, upgraded both high beams and fog to LED (SMD), alarm chirp muted, and with a stereo designed to wake the dead.

If it's broken, I probably have a tool for it. If not, I have friends who probably have a tool for it. If not, I'm willing to buy a new tool, make a new tool, or just break the bloody thing trying to fix it: "gorilla maintenance." Thank goodness for iFixit! Otherwise, I'd have an even bigger pile of spare parts I'd never use. Possibly. Now that Radio Shack is long gone; we can't get many electrical items easily anymore. Maybe someday my pieces of disassembled junk parts will be worth something!