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    I have read many questions & answers on Fix It in order to hopefully find a solution to my problem, although my problem may d...


  • Answer to: Where can I find purchase the CCD Sensor part

    Your best bet is to nail down the CCD Sensor model #, chances are Kodak may have manufactured it. Kodak & Nikon have become once again independent in the Digital Replaceable Cameras Age since they are finally making $$$$$ once again. You will be lucky if they answer your emails, although if you know exactly which CCD Sensor it is the odds could be better than average that you could pick up a cracked point & shoot camera for $10.00 with the exact same CCD Sensor in mint condition in the camera. You need to do the research on the specs of your Sensor & find out which other Digital Cameras have the same one. Just another avenue to take, hopefully this helps you, Good luck.