• 360s powers on then off red light on psu

    So here is the story: I repair rrod xbox consoles so my friend thought he would buy a cheap 360s on ebay (warranty seal broke...
  • Reasons for YLOD after reflow attempts?

    I have been repairing xbox's and ps3s with rrod and ylod for a while now and lately i came across two ps3s that after several...
  • MacBook air hinge question?

    i bought a macbook air on ebay that i am repairing and it does not have the little plastic or rubber(not sure which they are)...
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  • boot sound and white screen on boot

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  • Answer to: 250 HDD hard drive

    i am assuming that you are replacing the hdd with a laptop hdd and need to format it for your xbox to use. if i am correct try this is for the older xbox 360 but i think it should still work
  • Answer to: Can use any idea to cool down Ic ps3?

    all you can really do with out heavy modifications is to clean up the ic better (remove all of the old thermal paste), re-apply thermal, paste and use the stock cooling system. This should work just fine assuming that there are no problems with your fan or heat-sink. Hope this helps. Good Luck, Cody
  • Answer to: remote control not working with xbox

    as oldturkey said a little detail could go a long way. just two things to try: 1. make sure the remote is synced with the xbox 2. make sure the IR receiver (black oval-ish spot under the eject button) on the front of the xbox is in sight of the remote Hope one of those helps. But if it does not, please try to provide more detail, such as the remote you are trying to use. whether or not the remote connects to the xbox. Things of that nature. Good Luck, Cody
  • Answer to: Ps3 slim blu ray laser replacement

    This is a pretty good tear down will just have to start at the end and work backwards...while you are in the blu ray drive i believe you will have to reset that plastic pin you are talking about then reassemble....also make sure that the plug for the disc sensor is plugged is a very small plug with a black and a red wire going to it. Hope this helped, Cody
  • Answer to: bluetooth devices not working

    it sounds to me like maybe your bluetooth module is bad...there are a few on ebay here....they are pretty cheap just make sure you get one that will fit your model ps3 (i believe that any will fit yours except for the first few models that had 4 usb ports). For instillation you can follow this guide to step #12 but only remove the screws holding the bluetooth module in place and then just swap out and follow the guide backwards for re-assembly. Hope this helped, Cody
  • Answer to: Why is turning off by itself

    im not 100% sure that the psu is the problem but if that it is the route you want to go follow this guide. And you can buy a new power supply here on ebay. again im not entirely convinced this is the problem but from the information you gave it seems logical to me. Good luck and hope this helped, Cody
  • Answer to: How long does a reflow last?

    One that i reflowed for my friend has been up for about a year now....that being said i have had other reflows that have only lasted 3 or 4 months.....from what i hear it is best to have a reball done where all the solder under the bga is replaced.
  • Answer to: No Video

    when you power on your playstation instead of just tapping the power button hold it down until you hear a second beep. This resets your video settings. Hope this helped, Cody
  • Answer to: Installed RRoD repair kit, now I have video problems with HD component

    It sounds to me like that would be a case of bad cables. Do you have a friend that has the hd cables? If you do and you know they work on his console this would be a good way to test for the real problem. Hope this helped, Cody
  • Answer to: Clean lens for xbox 360

    well you have two options. You can try one of those cd's with little brushes on them or you can follow this guide then remove the four screws holding the drive together and from here you can remove the top case and take a cotton swab with a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the tip and gently wipe the lens off. Hope this helped, Cody P.S. The second way will void any warranty you may still have on your xbox.