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  • Answer to: Why is my screen not working all the way

    I had a similar problem earlier this week. I opened up the system, check some of the connections related to the monitor (unplugged and plugged back in). Closed it up, turned it on, and it runs great. Sometimes a connection is just a bet loose. I would try Jimfixer's suggestion first, as it is less labor intensive.
  • Answer to: The power comes on, but it never boots into Windows.

    On a hunch, I reseated the connection related to the monitor. Some loose connection was tripping it up, it works fine now. The safe mode idea was a good suggestion though.
  • Answer to: How do I clear the cmos

    An easy way to clear most CMOS issues is to remove its battery. To do this you will need to be comfortable accessing your mother board. Make sure your laptop battery is not connected, and your computer is unplugged. After that, carefully remove the watch battery located on the motherboard, or if it is easier disconnect the two leads coming from the battery. Wait a few minutes, then reconnect. That should do it.
  • Answer to: Stripped laptop screws and removal

    This site has some screws and removal pliers. I have never used the site, but it is well rated. I am told placing a rubber band between the screwdriver and the stripped screw works. But I have not had much success.
  • Answer to: My computer will not turn on!

    I wouldn't worry about the data yet, chances are it is the power adapter from the sounds of it. Most computer repair shops will plug it up for free because if it is bad, you will probably buy the replacement from them. Most computers operate without a battery, if plugged up. So the battery probably isn't the main issue.
  • Answer to: Why my pc does not go in sleep mood

    Here is a link to some good suggestions. If you have not added new hardware or modified any, then it maybe a bad update. I would check hp for new hardware updates. It maybe faulty hardware, but I wouldn't jump to that conclusion.
  • Answer to: Tools required in Tablet & Mobile Repair Center

    I have actually found the tools sold on this site to work best for me. I admit, most of my work is Laptop or computer, but there is nothing I turn away from my bench if I can get the part and they can meet the price. Things I would suggest, but not limited too. -Ifixit pro toolset -Antistatic mat -Antistatic bags -Magnetic tray -Some small non-plastic containers -Rubber bands (No reason, but they come in handy, and are easy to organize if bought in a ball) This is not a complete list (I am not in front of my bench), but this will get a lot done.
  • Answer to: Replacement screws For Asus ROG g750Jw laptop

    In my experience, the company will supply you new ones, if you contact them. I believe this is the support link.
  • Answer to: Why my Acer 4736Z laptop can't restart?

    I haven't had much success in this situation. (Other than what I am about to suggest, this normally works) It sounds like maybe it shut down mid-update or something. I have found in those cases, the OS is damaged but the data is good. I normally take out the hard drive out, access it from another system, copy it.(pics, docs, etc...) Then reinstall the operating system on the hard drive. (Watch it though, the drive may have been starting to fail) I can post more structured details of the process, if you would.
  • Answer to: When enter password screen comes

    I had an issue like this once. An update had installed incorrectly. To fix it, I used the onscreen keyboard to login, then let the system full start up, then restarted the system. That did the trick.