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    Actually, on the original Asus MeMo 370T, the bottom edge of the unit had a micro USB, micro HDMI and a TF slot. I am assumming the 24pin connector that is missing from just to the right of the memory chips is for the HDMI and TF card daughterboard. Also, CN3 at the top of the unit is a 24pin connector for the missing 8NP autofocus camera module. Anyone able to dig up the part number of that camera? There is already a mounting area in the metalic frame of the tablet and the NFC antenna was designed for the camera as well. Hmmmm....


  • Nexus 7 Teardown

    You're right!. That 24pin connector (CN3) is for the 8MP autofocus camera ASUS originally had in the MeMo 370T.

    Can anyone come up with the part number of that camera module or an equivalent with the same interface? I'd love to play with this.

    Note that the NFC antenna already was designed to allow the rear camera.

  • Nexus 7 Teardown

    Actually, at step 17 in the teardown, there is an unpopulated 24pin connector to the right of the ram chips which I am guessing is the interface for the HDMI/TFcard interface board on the original MeMo 370T device.

    If the side 4 pins are in fact just a USB interface, it would need to be a host device in order to connect to an external audio dock. That means (if correct) we don't need to root to get a USB host interface. I'll have to probe the pins :-)